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Garden City Digital Imaging Technology

The dental field is constantly evolving to include new tools and techniques, and Dr. Peter Vastardis enjoys staying at the forefront of these developments for the benefit of his patients. Instead of continuing to rely on tedious film and traditional impression materials, our practice has upgraded to revolutionary, high-end digital technology improving the accuracy and comfort of our care considerably in several aspects of the practice, from diagnosing dental problems underneath the surface of your smile to planning restorative care. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Garden City Dentistry today to speak with our team members. We’d be happy to give you and your loved ones a tour of the facility before your first appointment!

Digital X-Rays with DEXIS

In the past, X-rays had to be developed slowly in a darkroom, handled with hazardous chemicals, and stored in bulky filing systems. Thankfully, this advanced technology has transformed the process for the better. Here at our practice, patients from West Hempstead and surrounding areas can look forward to a simple and quick process – in fact, capturing the images only takes a few seconds! They’re then instantly transferred to our computer system and displayed on a monitor; our team members can magnify them, rotate them, and color-code them for educational purposes.

Do you need your X-rays transferred to an outside specialist or insurance company? This can all be accomplished electronically now, and storage is simpler and more environmentally friendly too. Best of all, the amount of radiation we’ll need to rely on to capture these images is reduced by up to 90%, making them safer for our valued patients.

Intraoral Digital Camera

With the help of state-of-the-art intraoral cameras, patients don’t have to be unknowing participants in the journey towards lifelong oral health and happiness. Instead, Dr. Vastardis is happy to help them become fully informed partners. This camera-tipped wand is safely inserted into the patient’s mouth, transmitting high-resolution video to a conveniently placed TV monitor in the treatment room. This allows our team to point out problematic areas, explain the scope of certain services, and review the effectiveness of ongoing treatment in a very clear and easy to understand fashion.

Digital Impressions

Older patients are surely familiar with the unpleasant “goop” that had to be placed in the mouth for your doctor to take oral impressions. With the help of digital impressions, this technique is a thing of the past at our practice. Additional benefits include:

Dr. Vastardis uses the 3M True Definition Digital Imaging Impression system for this process, and the results he achieves are simply exceptional. With this technology, our team is able to view each case in amazing detail, create precise digital files for the laboratory, and give patients a much more educational experience overall. In fact, by being able to show real-time images of their teeth onscreen, we can help them achieve a clear understanding of their smile’s needs and their treatment.