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With the ever increasing proportions of bad breath in America, many people have tried to find a way to simply get rid of bad breath. It has been taboo for men and women to even tell a person that they have bad breath. With advertisements stressing that one brush and floss, people have failed to realize that brushing the tongue is just as important to clear the bacteria in the mouth. The tongue breeds germs that cause the majority of halitosis in most people.

As for women and bad breath, Dr. Jon Richter, DMD, PhD, founder of the Center for the Treatment of Breath Disorders in Illinois, Pennsylvania, states that a woman's breath is worst during the premenstrual period of her cycle. In addition to cramps, bloating, migraines and mood swings, Dr. Richter believes that women may suffer from bad breath for a few days a month. He believes that because of all the hormone fluctuations that accompany the shifts in the menstrual cycle, proteins in the saliva are increased. These anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria digest on these extra proteins releasing  "breath gases", and thus, bad breath.

Richter's simple regimen in his breath center to help reduce the bacteria, includes a combination of brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and the use of a chlorine dioxide rinse, which is safe and non-alcoholic.

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