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Garden City Family Dentist Providing Preventive Dentistry

Our dental office is always open to patients with restorative or cosmetic concerns – but wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop these problems before they even had a chance to develop? That’s our goal at Garden City Dentistry. Dr. Peter Vastardis and the rest of our team offer preventive care that’s geared for the entire family protecting and strengthening oral health in long-lasting ways. If you’re in need of a new oral healthcare home, don’t wait – contact us today to schedule a first visit! Patients from Floral Park and surrounding areas are always welcome.    

Dental Check-Ups & Teeth Cleanings

Maintaining oral health is a lifelong job, and our team can provide you with the support you need every step of the way. Attending regular check-ups and cleanings is strongly recommended for patients of all ages. Two visits a year is a good amount for those who have generally good oral health; a higher frequency may be recommended if you struggle with oversensitive teeth or periodontal disease. During your appointment, Dr. Vastardis will take the time to fully understand your smile’s needs and any damage that’s occurred. After gathering this information through screenings, digital X-rays, and a visual exam, he can work with you to create a customized treatment plan that fits your schedule and budget.

Our team also provides an in-depth hygiene appointment to clean stains and dangerous bacteria from the teeth and gums, leaving your smile nicely polished.

Dental Nightguards

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

These are indicators of bruxism, a common dental problem that the grinding and clenching of teeth. Some patients are aware of their habit, while others only experience bruxism while they’re asleep. Whatever the case is for you, this constant pressure and motion on the teeth is never good news. At Garden City Dentistry, our team can often provide relief with a nightguard. Personalized to fit your unique mouth, this oral appliance is designed to be worn while sleeping providing your smile with strong barriers that minimize the severity of grinding and clenching.


Athletic events can be hazardous for the health of your smile. That’s why Dr. Vastardis strongly recommends wearing a sportsguard when playing any sport that could involve contact with a projectile, a hard surface, or another person. Anyone can find a premade option in the store, but these appliances are often uncomfortable and ineffective – instead, our practice can provide you with a customized option that fits great and allows for plenty of jaw movement. Your sportsguard should greatly reduce the chances of experiencing injury to the teeth, cheeks, lips, and tongue – in fact, studies suggest that wearing one can reduce the severity of concussions.

Dental Sealants

Sealants provide valuable protection for younger patients and those who struggle with an sensitivity to decay. This plastic material is painted directly over the chewing grooves of back molars, effectively “closing” these areas so food particles and bacteria aren’t able to accumulate as well and reducing the risk of cavities. This application process for dental sealants is quick and virtually painless, and they can last for 10 years or more with the right maintenance and care.