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Advanced Smile Design Technologies

Dentistry has certainly come a long way since the barbershop image of the past. Today, digital technology affects every aspect of the profession, and patients use the Internet to search for qualified dentists who specialize in smile design.  Read More...Click here

Teeth Whitening - Addressing the Sensitivity Problem

Most of us fear the inevitable reality of growing old and losing our youthful vivacity. Nowhere is this more apparent than with that infamous demographic group, the baby boomers. With the dominance of this group in the population, the demand has grown exponentially for all types of cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery, personal trainers, hair coloring, and hair transplants are but a few of the procedures this ravenous group demands daily in its search for sustained youth..  Read More...Click here

A Smile Transformation with Lumineers™ by Cerinate®

Imagine if plastic surgeons could transform a patient’s facial and physical features without the need for anesthesia, where trauma would be non-existent and where swelling, bruising, and pain would never be an issue. If this were possible, plastic surgical practices would be overflowing with patients in addition to their incredible growth rate over the last few years.

Shade Improvement

Following are step-by-step procedures for whitening severely stained teeth using the GentleWhite bleaching system. The procedure involves a three-visit protocol.

Athletic Mouthguards: Indications, Types, & Benefits

More than 5 million teeth are avulsed each year due to sports injuries and trauma, and in certain cases, these avulsions can be attributed to the absence of a mouthguard or to improperly fabricated and fitted mouthguards. Not only do mouthguards protect the teeth, but they also protect the head against a blow to the jaw that can result in a concussion and loss of consciousness. This article will review the indications for athletic mouthguard use, types of mouthguards, and benefits to the wearer.  Read More...Click here

Recovering the Artistic Beauty of Dentistry With Porcelain Veneers

Dentistry is experiencing an aesthetic revolution that began late in the last century and continues to accelerate today. In 2004 Bacon's MediaSource reported that the average monthly circulation of print articles about cosmetic dentistry peaked at 40 million. This did not include broadcast media. One aspect fueling this is the huge group of aging baby boomers who spend an increasing percentage of their disposable income on products, services, and procedures designed to ward off the aging process..  Read More...Click here

Lectures and Presentations

November 2003 - Restorative Variables to Enhance Anterior Esthetics presented at the Greater New York Dental Meeting
 April 2004 - Restorative Guidelines to Enhance Anterior Esthetics- presented to the DenMat Corporation, Santa Maria California
 April 2005 - Restorative Uses of Procera with Implant Dentistry presented at the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting
 May 2006- Using Restorative and Periodontal Techniques to Enhance Esthetic Outcomes-Marrotta Dental Lab
 December 2007- Restorative and Periodontal Techniques to Enhance Anterior Esthetics- presented at the Nassau County Dental Society


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